Know Our Faculty

Ms. Jyoti Arora

The dynamic Principal of the school is backed by rich and varied experience of almost 30 years in prestigious institutions. She is a visionary who leads, motivates and inspires the teachers by her own example. Under her leadership the school has created a niche for itself in a very short span of time. She firmly believes in the strength of team work and inspires her team of teachers to always have a positive approach, be humble and polite. The staff too, provides unstinted support to implement her plans into action. Teachers are the spine and soul of any school. Paramount importance is laid in the selection of teachers with best ability, potential and proven track records. All the staff members take part in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and adequate resources are provided to teachers to develop their skills. A team of highly experienced, handpicked candidates from different parts of the country form the staff of the academic faculty of DPWS.

Mrs. Sangeeta Kapoor

Headmistress, Pre – Primary Wing

Mrs. Sangeeta Kapoor is a graduate from Delhi University and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education(B.ED) from Anamalai University. With her desire to learn more she was recently motivated and completed an online course from Havard University on ‘Making Learning Visible’. She is a compassionate and an experienced teacher who has been into the profession of teaching for more than two and half decades now. She started her teaching profession in the year 1992 and since then has worked with many prestigious schools in India and abroad; Ryan International, APJ Noida, Amity International Noida, Millennium school Noida, Millennium school Dubai and Winchester school Dubai are few names that she has been allied with. Her vast experience in various schools in India and abroad makes her a quick learner and adaptable to multicultural environments. She is a firm believer of inclusive education and enjoys working with children with special needs.  

Sangeeta Mukherjee

Academic Coordinator, Primary Wing

Ms. Mukerjee has a rich experience of over 3 decades in premier institutes like DPS Vasant Vihar, R. K. Puram and DPS Jaipur. Apart from heading the cultural team, she has also worked in the field of language enhancement through effective lesson plans, and preparation of apt teaching materials.

Ms. Vimala Prasad

Academic Coordinator, Middle Wing

Ms. Prasad, with a vast experience of working for over two decades in institutions such as Tagore International School, and Bal Bharati Public School, Delhi, she has adopted modern teaching techniques like lessons being delivered using power point presentations, modules etc.

  • Seema Singh: Science Department

    A highly enthusiastic and devoted teacher, Ms. Seema is specialised in Bio technology. She too has long years of experience of working in various CBSE schools. A skilled and competent teacher, she works in a systematic manner to achieve the desired outcome. She manages to influence and motivate her students very well.

  • Meenkshi: Pre Primary Wing

    With more than 15 years of experience of teaching in reputed schools, Ms. Meenakshi, a diligent, creative and sincere member of the faculty, accepts challenges and shoulders her responsibilities well. She is deft with her work and implements various innovative techniques to make the lives of the tiny tots cheerful and happy.

  • Pushplata Saxena: Hindi and Sanskrit Department

    A highly enthusiastic and devoted teacher, Ms. Seema is specialised in Bio technology. She too has long years of experience of working in various CBSE schools. A skilled and competent teacher, she works in a systematic manner to achieve the desired outcome. She manages to influence and motivate her students very well.

  • Urmil Gupta :Science and Mathematics

    A down to earth, humble and petite teacher is none other than Ms. Urmil. She is gifted with many talents and is able to motivate students in the desired manner. A student friendly teacher is liked and well loved by students and teachers alike. Her approach towards any assignment is systematic and meticulous.

  • Usha Sharma : Arts Department

    A person of fine aesthetic sense, Ms Usha turns every ordinary thing into a decorative item. Her vast experience can be seen in the work she displays on various occasions. She enjoys teaching students with creativity and involvement. Children love to spend time in her domain which is decorated creatively.

  • Yogita Bisht: Pre Primary

    Ms. Yogita excels in her own field of knowledge and manages the tiny toddlers very well. Her creativity is praise worthy and juggles her role very well. She is an active member in the group and tries to teach children adopting innovative ways. Her creativity is praiseworthy.

  • Saroj Singh: Mother Teacher

    Ms. Saroj is a quiet and conscientious teacher. She takes initiatives and fills her students with confidence and courage. She handles her other assignments with a true sense of responsibility. Children under her care are fortunate to have such a caring teacher.

  • Charu Maheshwari: Mother Teacher

    A dynamic teacher, well versed in computer, very creative and artistic as well is what defines Ms.Charu. She takes initiative to shoulder responsibilities and provides good ideas as well. She volunteers to work in order to take the school ahead. The students are lucky to have a teacher with such motherly and loving temperament.

  • Prakula Mathur: German Teacher

    Prakula is a promising and proactive teacher. She is efficient in teaching her subject. She has developed a love for the language among the students and they enjoy spending time learning from her. She too adopts various methodologies to make her subject entertaining and more understandable.

  • Nupur Ghosh: Music Department

    Melodious and meticulous, Ms. Nupur sings beautifully. Her aim to make children sing in tune gives her the impetus to teach with passion. She is good at other miscellaneous jobs. She indeed is a wonderful addition to the school faculty.

  • Mr. Hari Bhushan Jha: Music Department

    Mr. Jha is one of the newest members to join the DPS World faculty. He is an expert tabla teacher who has aroused interest of the students in instrumental music. He himself is an accompanist and has a vast experience of ten long years. Under his guidance students have learnt many new ‘taals’ and take great pride and interest in providing a rhythmic base and lilt to the songs taught by the music teacher.

  • Alpi Aron: Mother Teacher

    An enthusiastic and extremely versatile member of the faculty is the pretty and pleasant Ms. Alpi. With years of experience which has sharpened her skills, she is deft in the use of technology and contributes effectively towards the growth of the school. She is creative and innovative in her approach and handles all her responsibilities in the best manner possible.

  • Varun Tyagi: Sports Department

    An able and agile teacher, Mr Varun is a welcome addition to the faculty. He is highly experienced in coaching students for different games. He can independently handle major events. He is a role model for all sports fans of the school.

  • Garima Choudhary: Pre Primary Wing

    Ms Garima is passionate about teaching the tiny wonders. She implements various unique ideas to teach the basic concepts to the young learners. She herself is full of life and transmits the same in her students as well. Her children are, no wonder, very disciplined and obedient.

  • Iksha Mehrotra: – Pre Primary Wing

    A calm, composed and efficient teacher with almost 10 years of experience of teaching primary classes is Ms. Iksha. She has a pleasing personality which makes her an adorable teacher. She has a very positive attitude and values ethics and tries to inculcate the same in students too. Her bonding with her children reflects in the behaviour of the students.

  • Neha Malhotra: Computer Science Department

    Ms. Neha is a versatile and confident teacher. She handles her responsibilities with ease. Her contribution in the use of technology is unparalleled. Her patient approach appeals to students and teachers alike. Though a quiet and silent worker, she is firm and delivers the desirous result.

  • Chandrashekhar: Transport Incharge

    A dedicated and responsible person, Mr. Chandrashekhar has nine years of experience working in eminent schools and universities.He has to his credit the publication of a journal too. Besides being the Transport Incharge of the school, he manages all the infrastructure related requisitions very efficiently. All parents are requested to direct their transport related queries to Mr. Chandrashekhar at +91-9205498817.

  • Ms. Jyoti Singh: Arts Department

    Ms. Jyoti is a recent addition to the school faculty. A person with aesthetic talent, she creates exquisite pieces in craft activity. She completed her Primary Teacher Training and then worked for two years in a school in London. She has also done Certification courses in Maths, Literacy and Food with Fun in U.K. She enjoys being with Pre-Primary children and does her craft work with great precision.

  • Ms. Sheetal Joshi: Primary Teacher

    Ms. Sheetal is a calm, composed and talented teacher. She has a special inclination towards teaching Maths to the junior students apart from teaching the other subjects.. She has acquired relevant teaching experience which helps to understand the specific needs of the students very well. Children enjoy doing Maths as she uses an appropriate methodology to deliver the lesson in an interesting manner and strengthen the concepts as well.

  • Mr. Kamal Aggarwal: Librarian

    A sincere, sober and versatile person, Mr. Kamal is the efficient Librarian of the school. Hailing from a science background, he has done Certification in computing as well. He has acquired a rich experience working in a reputed school. He is an asset to the school as he merges innovative methods to make reading interesting for the little children. He is adept at handling the library in the conventional manner as well.

  • Surinder S. Sisodia: Dance Department

    Being the dance teacher, Surinder is able to prepare students to capture the attention of the audience by adopting strategic techniques. His choreographic skill is amazing. He is a sought after person in school because he has been able to generate interest among students for dance. He has proved to be an asset.

  • Lolakshi Sangar (ClassII)

    Lolakshi, with a cute demure, is a welcome addition to the Primary wing. Her years of experience of working in reputed schools as a pre-primary and primary Mother teacher, has shaped her personality in such a way that it reflects in her gestures. She is sure to enhance her teaching abilities while teaching in such a reputed institution.

  • Sona Saluja (Nursery D)

    Sona, a lively and cheerful person, is able to create a stimulating, encouraging and adaptive atmosphere in which children learn spontaneously. She has the requisite skills to nurture, handle and groom the toddlers to become confident individuals in future.

  • Menka Bhardwaj

    Menka, with her adaptive approach, is able to understand the needs of her students and extends her care and warmth to all. With appropriate experience acquired in the related field, gained during her association with various institutions, she is able to blend her teaching methodology with innovation and creativity.

  • Sunaina Singh

    Sunaina, an enthusiastic beginner, has etched her identity in a very short span of time. The bonding with her kids is very strong and she renders her work with utmost dedication. Her persona radiates her confidence.

  • Ms. Ekta Dhawan

    Ms. Ekta has been in the pious profession of teaching for almost a decade and has left a mark in the institutions where she worked. She is the proud recipient of the appreciation letter from the former HRD Minister, Ms. Smriti Irani in 2013-14 and 2014-15. She is a committed teacher who held posts of responsibility in her previous school and will enrich the students academically and morally.

  • Ms. Swati Paladhi

    Ms. Swati is an enthusiastic and enterprising teacher who loves to be amidst small children. Her versatility reflects in her teaching as she is trained in dramatics and Zumba dance. She is a promising teacher who loves to groom and nurture young talents so that they sparkle and shine in future.

  • Ms. Roopal Bhatia

    Ms. Roopal is a passionate and dedicated teacher who specializes in early childhood care and education. She enjoys teaching the Pre–primary students and bonds with the children naturally and spontaneously. With her dedication and determination, she is sure to add colors in the lives of the blooming buds under her care.

  • Ms. Ritu Sharma

    Ms. Ritu, an NTT from the prestigious SCERT, backed by experience of a decade in handling the tender age group, is a welcome addition to the school faculty. With her vast experience she is able to incorporate innovative and creative ideas in order to make her lessons more and more interesting and enjoyable.

  • Ms. Sunaina Singh

    Ms. Sunaina is a multifaceted individual with core competency in handling small children. Her ability to keep students engaged fruitfully and creatively shows her confidence and efficiency. Her philanthropic zeal reflects in her interest in teaching the underprivileged children. She is sure to impress the young minds and influence them to work wonders.

  • Ms. Shweta Wahie

    Ms. Shweta, a calm and composed person, works with focus and determination. Having accumulated sufficient experience of working in prestigious institutions, her approach is very systematic and methodical. She teaches with great passion and students therefore invariably depict a lot of love and regard for her endurance.

  • MS. Tanvi Singh

    Ms. Tanvi, a diligent and dedicated teacher is a multi tasker. A young enthusiast, she is the recipient of 2nd prize in the Quiz held at Alliance Delhi. She beautifully balances her role as a foreign language (French) teacher and a mother teacher. By virtue of her exceptional talents, she has been able to generate interest and love for the foreign language. Her creativity is marvelous. She is sure to excel in her role as a teacher and enhance the level of the students as well.

  • Archana Yedurkar

    Ms. Archana has a rare combination of MBA and masters in elementary training. Her calm and poised temperament and approach are just the requisite elements for handling children of a tender age. Being a soft skill trainer herself, she is sure to instill values among children. Apart from being a university topper, she is the proud recipient of the Best Faculty Award thrice in her tenure at ICFAI National College.

  • Kuldip Singh

    Mr. Kuldip, a new inclusion in the school fraternity as Examination Head, has an experience of more than a decade teaching in reputed institutes. He specializes in teaching Maths and claims to have scored the highest marks in Maths at his centre. He is the proud recipient of the letter of Appreciation from the Ministry of Education in 2015-16. He had been appointed the moderator for Mathematics at the Nodal centre from 2015-16. Under his guidance, the students are sure to hone their analytical skills.